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Golf Cart Seat Belts Club Car Precedent

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Hello, I have repaired over 30000 vehicles in my career and I need to ask you questions previously I am not there in person to gather facts, data, or to test your vehicle. I may question you to act out psychiatry in my stead. If psychoanalysis is needed and you would rather not con testing, I can come up with the money for my best advice, Fuel pressure?

I did re-check them tho. The master tech did extensive tests on the let breathe flow meter and said it was good. with I unplug it and run the motor, the car runs coarse and at 850ish. I can deserted guess that my additional rebuilt ecu has an issue, or the tps needs to be re-adjusted, or anyhow my maf has died in the midst of all this. I don't think the tps has that much govern in the substitute of rpm though? I think it and no-one else adjusts it in the region of 1k..

This could be a large vacuum leak ,with the MAF related it is by yourself measuring the expose that is getting in the manner of the MAF, correspondingly if the intake manifold is sucking in air the expose to fuel ratio will be definitely out and cause the engine to stall. If MAF is disconnected the engine goes into a limp measurement and lets the engine run. with carb cleaner spray can spray in the place of the hissing taking into consideration the engine dealing out and bearing in mind you hear the engine stall or rev cutting edge there is the leak ,could be a bad vacuum hose bad gasket upon the manifold.

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