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This could be an airleak after the airflow meter, any ventilate dragged in here isn t seen by the ECU and suitably not compensated for and can lean the engine out and can next allow the engine to rev happening in the same way as not desired causing aggressive running. As its a mechanical irregularity it tends not to direction on the idiosyncrasy lighthearted and you can sometimes hear a hissing noise past the engine running.

Thanks for your response. I just checked what you mentioned, that I hadn't already checked, except fuel pressure.Let me tell you a tiny more about the pain history. It currently has a master tech attributed idle ventilate manage valve and tps installed. without disturbing anything, the last (used) ecu and my original, would run in the car without this symptom.

Hello the TPS does have an effect on switching the car into idle mode so I'd suggest to make clear the throttle dish is 100% closed and not slightly grounded with carbon. and after that get used to the TPS so that the IDL stick is continuous to the E2 attach following the throttle is closed, and log on circuit in imitation of the throttle is just cracked. Don't make miserable just about any voltages, the IDL open is the in fact important one.

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