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I have a 2004 ES330 behind a hestitation problem. It is good from a full stop but once I go roughly speaking turns on onto highway ramps, following I distress the accellarator (sp?) it hesitates for 2 seconds previously reving up. I ve taken it to a mechanic and he says it is normal. I have an 2003 Avalon like the thesame engine and it jumps off the start and has no hesitation. Mechanic s Assistant: Will the headlights point on? Is the battery adequately charged? With or without headlights on. Relatively extra battery. Mechanic s Assistant: What is the model of your 04 Lexus? ES330 Mechanic s Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried correspondingly far? I ve cleaned the MAF sensor. Checked for connections in the intake. later I put my Turbo OBDII app on, anything seems good except that the TPS stays constant approximately 30%. This is a drive-by-wire model consequently it has not throttle cable or normal TPS. I understand the TPS is integrated past the throttle controller/motor. Mechanic s Assistant: whatever else you want the mechanic to know back I attach you? No, I guess that is it.

Its afterward worth getting the fuel pressure checked as if this is low due to a blocked filter or faulty regulator or even a in poor health pump will every outcome in insufficient fuel living thing delivered to the engine. Might in addition to be worth cleaning out the idle rapidity control motor / valve as these get clogged happening following carbon and some brake cleaner washed through helps release things off.

This could be a large vacuum leak ,with the MAF joined it is forlorn measuring the expose that is getting behind the MAF, therefore if the intake manifold is sucking in expose the let breathe to fuel ratio will be categorically out and cause the engine to stall. If MAF is disconnected the engine goes into a limp measurement and lets the engine run. following carb cleaner spray can spray in the place of the hissing taking into consideration the engine dispensation and when you hear the engine stall or rev cutting edge there is the leak ,could be a bad vacuum hose bad gasket on the manifold.

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